Examples of our baby casts

A Complete Guide to the Physical Growth of Babies and The Best Times to Cast

A baby’s journey of growth is one of the most beautiful things a parent can experience, and more often than not, is over all too quickly! However, fear not present mums and dads and parents-to-be, for there are ways we, here at Image Casting, can help. We’ve taken a look at the physical changes your […]

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  • An example of one of our famous casts

    Fantastic Famous Casts and Where to Find Them

    Image Casting was founded in 1998, and for nearly 20 years has been providing people from the UK and beyond with bespoke baby keepsakes and unique sculptures for them to treasure forever. When it comes to resin casts, we are experts in the field and use only premium suppliers for all our goods and services. […]

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  • The Best Baby Keepsakes [Infographic]

    Here at Image Casting, we understand just how quickly your kids grow up. One minute they’re babbling little babes, and the next you’re accompanying them on university open days; it really does seem to fly by. One of the best ways that can help you to remember how tiny they once were, is with a […]

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  • An example of one of our casting kits

    A 10-step guide to using your home casting kit

    The purchasing of one of our home casting kits is the first step towards creating and owning beautiful and bespoke keepsakes that last a lifetime. If you do not live within our catchment area, or simply want a greater role in the process, you can take the moulds of hands and feet yourself from the […]

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  • A fine example of a baby keepsake on offer at Image Casting

    The Best Presents To Give New Parents

    When close friends or family members become parents, it’s an exciting time for all. Whether they are new to parenting, or seasoned pros, one of the more difficult decisions you’ll face is finding a thoughtful and individual gift for the occasion. The couple are likely to be inundated with baby grows, clothes and toys, so […]

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  • Our workshop manager and creative technician, Mandy.

    Find Out All About Our Workshop Manager and Creative Technician Mandy!

    Here at Image Casting, we are very passionate about what we do, and we’re dedicated to providing you with bespoke baby keepsakes to last a lifetime. We thought it’d be a great idea to put a face behind the baby casts, not only so you can find out a little more about the team, but […]

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  • A fine example of a baby keepsake on offer at Image Casting

    The Science Behind Making Memories That Last Forever

    Memory is a funny thing. We live in the present, but we spend a lot of our time looking forward to the future, and a lot of our thoughts, actions and life choices are influenced by the past. In that sense, the very core of who we are and our habits and ideologies come from […]

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  • Immortal Presents: The Gifts That Keep On Giving

    In a world where a picture can be taken on almost any mobile phone and shared to a network of followers at the touch of a button, many have forgotten the feeling of holding a physical and sentimental keepsake in their hands. But what happens when you lose your phone or run out of memory, […]

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  • An example of a hand cast to celebrate success!

    The Importance of Recognising Achievement in Children and the Best Ways to Do So

    Here at Image Casting, we offer a number of services that can help people to celebrate success, whether it be the bronze resin cast of a football boot to represent excellence in football or a holding hand cast to signify teamwork. We’ve put together a few reasons as to why recognising achievement is so important, […]

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  • An example of what Image Casting can offer

    Baby keepsakes that grown up children will love

    As children grow up and flourish into delightful young adults, it becomes harder and harder to buy them a gift they will truly appreciate. While chocolate and the latest on trend toy was once more than sufficient, grown up children with money of their own are difficult to buy for, particularly if it’s a milestone […]

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